Create the ultimate conference experience
for delegates

Use Generative AI to help delegates navigate your conferences effortlessly
using Whatsapp AI chatbots

Seamless navigation for delegates, High touch channel for brand partners

Event information

Delegates can find information related to panels, talks and exhibition on their fingertips


Most delegates attend events to network, introduce them the relevant people autonomously.

High-touch promotion

Give your brand partners a the highest ROI medium to reach out to your audience - Whatsapp

Event partners are 100xโ€™ing their events with Hexo ConferenceAI

Hexo ConferenceAI chatbot has catered to 1000s of delegates and facilitated millions of interactions

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BITS Pilani

Bot Image

Govt. Of India

Bot Image

Startup Mahakumbh

Bot Image

Mental Health by Assocham

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Sample some chatbots made on Hexo

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Startup Mahakumbh

By Assocham

Bot Image

Quark Bot

By BITS Pilani

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